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May 2010

Six Worst Named Travel Websites

Errant abbreviations from cyber-hell...

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Given that I've been doing a lot of travel writing lately, I've had the pleasure and displeasure of seeing a lot of the travel websites that are out there. And there are a lot. So many so in fact, a site can succeed or fail based purely on its name, although the guys below evidently weren't aware of this. Look and laugh, dear readers! (No malice intended toward the authors/site owners mentioned, who are not linked in this post....)

6. Nu Nomad

Generation Y may be all the rage, but even these youngsters have their limits when it comes to butchering their native language. At best, this name deserves to have been raised in a brainstorming session before being quickly tossed in the ideas bin. And yet, here it is:


5. EuroCheapo

Again, this comes off like a trashy idea that just doesn't quite work. The full frontal nude statue fails to add class to this very tacky outfit :-)


4. Sloshspot

This site is intended to provide bar and club listings for cities all over the US. Generally when most people go traveling, their aim is to avoid anything that could be characterized as a sloshspot. Someone should tell these guys!


3. DeluxZilla

Apparently detailing the adventures of an American in China, this blog admirably avoids words like 'laowai', 'mandarin', 'middle kingdom' and so on that many people overuse for their China travel blogs. However, his name appears to make no sense. The legend of Godzilla, for starters, is Japanese...


2. Trav-l-world

In this internet-enabled world, many of the best URLs out there have already been taken or are on sale for crazy prices. The best thing to do is to take it like a man and opt for a second choice that is available. These guys just wouldn't take no for an answer!


1. Travpresso

The standout winner by a clear mile, and the inspiration for this whole entry. I didn't realize until today that they had such a non-design to match their intellectually diseased moniker. While I may enjoy the odd 'presso when I trav, especially in southern Europe, I'm not going to book my next trip with this wrong-headed mess! Until next time, dear readers, feel free to add your own comments or suggestions to this rogues gallery :-)


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